About Semper Felix

Welcome to Semper Felix!

Semper Felix is the quasi-companion blog to www.beingrealwell.com and Caraballo Coaching. While that is a dedicated business site (and an actual business), this … not so much.

Semper Felix is  a place where dear family, close friends, gifted colleagues, treasured clients, familiar faces, brief acquaintances, and complete strangers can share their views on Leading, Living, Learning, and Laughing. Or should I say all are welcome to share their most thought-provoking, inspiring, and educational lessons with the rest of the world. No pressure.

If keen insights fail you, low-brow humor will work too – just keep in mind this aims to be a PG rated blog. More likely PG-13. Perhaps sometimes R, but hopefully a little r. While this is the Internet and I am an adult, there are children out there. Think of the children!

Surely, Semper Felix will evolve. Hopefully it won’t wither away. I am looking forward to working on this; sharing what I’ve found, and occasionally including some thoughts of my own.  I cheerfully invite others to do the same.





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