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Trick Street Photography Techniques

Photography School Online In Louisiana - Trick Street Photography Techniques

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The construction activities are performed keeping in consideration the safety and security of people and surroundings.

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Contact me?at?felix@beingrealwell.com?to schedule a complimentary sample session – absolutely no obligation. Let’s talk and find out if I am the right coach for you. If you are ready to move forward, I am committed to finding you the right coach to accompany you on your journey, even if it isn’t me.

However, I do hope it is me! Read what it’s like to?work with me, or check out the?Questions & Answers.

My Training and Experience

In addition to over 20 years serving as a leader, supervisor, senior manager, and executive (not to mention my experience as a husband and father for nearly the same amount of time), I have completed numerous leadership and training programs throughout my career with a variety of world-class organizations with over 100 hours of coach-specific training from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I am currently in the process of completing my accreditations as both a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with CTI and as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I am an ICF Coach Member and I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics and the Ethical Conduct Review Process. In addition to the ICF Code of Ethics, as a public servant I also abide by the laws and regulations pertaining to government employees. These rules can be found at the?U.S. Office of Government Ethics website, and may, in very limited cases, prevent me from taking on certain clients.

For more on the ICF, visit their?website here, or check the?Questions & Answers?for more information about me and the Code of Ethics.

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