Envisioning Your Future – 94 Years Ago

The fine folks at the Paleofuture blog at Smithsonian.com present an interesting look back at the future: The Gadgets of the Future from the Electrical Shows of Yesterday | Paleofuture. It makes you wonder exactly how crazy things like the iPotty at this year’s CES really are.

Of note are the things that were very forward looking for 1919 – and quite real today; wireless telephones (although they didn’t see mobile coming), washing machines and dishwashers (although they look like they could do more damage to dishes than actually clean them). And of course, something we see everywhere nowadays – the electric truck!

Apart from golf carts, we haven’t quite figured this one out. Getting there. I think.

A few “oddities”, like the Electric Light Bath. A tanning bed? A medical device? Somebody was thinking out of the box on this one, and I can appreciate that.  While I don’t know exactly what it was for, its presence at CES today would certainly bring the “booth babe” discussion to all new levels.


This looks incredibly dangerous, especially when naked.

So all this to ask the question: what does our future look like?  Are we thinking big or crazy enough?  How would we even know?



Life “By the Numbers” – Quantified self: The tech-based route to a better life?

As a former Six Sigma guy and lover of gadgets, this article caught my eye.  I am pretty much on board with most of it, but am not ready to start counting how many times I poop.  Interesting read – BBC – Future – Health – Quantified self: The tech-based route to a better life?.