The Blog “Plan”

Just to provide some structure to the blogness you are currently interacting with (for those who like or need structure – like me), here’s the general plan. Will it work this way every week? I can guarantee you it will not – especially since I don’t plan on posting every day.  You, Denizens of the Internet, may post comments, and if you care to offer something up as a post (or maybe even be a regular contributor) just let me know at

“Meh.  Monday” (or “Marvelous Monday”):
It’s the most low-energy day of the week (or is it?). Post accordingly.

Telegenic Tuesday:
Taken or found a cool picture recently? Have an awesome graphic you’d like to share? Has someone you love given you a picture to put on the fridge? Share it!

Who What Where When Why Wednesday (Wx6):
I will answer any question you ask. Sometimes I will be right.

Thinker Thursday:
What’s on your mind?

Felix’s Friday Free For All (or FFFFA as we call it around here):
Just like it sounds. Go for it.

Shameless Shout-out Saturday:
Saw a movie you loved? Read a book that moved you? Need to brag about those 5 pull-ups (IN A ROW) you did earlier in the week? Proud of your kids/spouse/significant other/yourself? Starting a new project or just want to say hi? Here’s your chance.

Deep Thought Sunday:
You’ve probably spent some time in your favorite place of worship over the past couple of days (in a pew, on a prayer rug, in your garden, on a yoga mat, under the covers on on/near a barstool – you get the picture).  What struck you while you were there?  Keep in mind: deep thoughts aren’t always heavy thoughts!



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